this is me.

 I am Kaley, the acrylic artist with the mismatch brushes, paint under my fingernails and a love for our natural environment. As a 4th generation Colorado Native, I am lucky to have a strong appreciation for fresh mountain air, cold water, wild animals, and beautiful places within me. All of these things are simple, yet powerful. They evoke feelings, curiosity and memories and they are my inspiration. I am learning to believe that balance is the secret to a happy life, and for me that is devoting time to both the outdoors and my studio. As an artist, I am intimidated by a blank canvas, clean paintbrush and an empty pallet. However, both art and nature are teaching me to let go of expectations, put one foot in front of the other and to be present in the experience. 

It is when I embrace the unknown of hiking a new trail or mixing all of my own colors (which I always do) that I feel pure joy. This happiness is fulfilling and contagious and that is why I create.