Hey Instagram!

Hey Instagram, you're kinda like a high maintenance relationship.You've been fun and all, but damn you're a lot of work! 

Within the first month of this new entrepreneur endeavor I went to see a business coach and in our first session I was told that we have become a "gold star society". With a puzzled look, I questioned the meaning of her statement. She asked if I shop on Amazon, my answer was "No-not really. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I 've purchased on Amazon and maybe two hands if we are talking about the number of times I have purchased an item online. With a surprised chuckle I was told that our society has evolved into one that functions on reviews, gold stars, and ratings. 

So here I am, sitting with this coach, at the VERY beginning of starting my very own little art business and all I can think about is 'okay, how do I tackle social media, increase my ratings, hit 500 followers on Instagram, rack up reviews on Facebook, and earn these "gold stars"?' 

It's been a few weeks now and I've been totally lost in this digital world. In fact, I really hate to admit this but...80% of my phone data was used on Instagram. It takes a lot of time following artists, craving the journey that others are living, seeking approval from people I don't even know, watching webinars on how to get more followers, staging photos, and planning out my next social post. 

It really hit me yesterday, that my  behavior was truly affecting my happiness and clouding my artistic journey. It is time to refocus. This post is not written and shared to disregard or shame the power of social media, but serves a reminder to be genuine and present.

Here are the reminders to myself when it feels easy to get lost in a World so big.

Please share yours in the comments below!

Know your neighbors.

Involve yourself in your community.

 Show up in person.

Start small.

Take one Step at a Time.

Be grateful.

 Stay true to YOU. 








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